What are the ways to Promote Positive Behavior in Children?

Promote Positive Behaviour in Children

Young learners should adopt and maintain positive behavior
Can parents become role models for it?

Young children imitate parents as they have a unique power of observation. Naturally, it is important for parents to inculcate the right values. As primary role models, positive behavior in your children should begin even before the school admission process.

Siddhartha Public School provides useful tips to promote the right conduct in young learners and consistently maintain the same. This effort will go a long way in helping children to become better adults. We also explain the child’s positive behavior importance to educate parents in these challenging times.

Promote Positive Behaviour in Children

Values from our end

Our teachers have the right mindset and skills to establish interactive outlines. This can be the springboard for clueless parents. Positive behavior in your children will have to come from within and without to create an accurate balance. We teach methods for expectations and maintenance through various ways. As children now attend online classes, parents can adopt our methodology.


At home a child is expected to wash hands before eating or put away toys. In the physical classrooms they are supposed to be mindful of others and share classroom materials. They cannot run or scream in the halls or inside the class. Now the same expectations are necessary while learning from home. Parents need to be clear about expressing themselves by:

  • Being clear in communications about the kind of behavior expected during study periods.
  • Supervise them constantly and tick off inappropriate behavior.
  • As a role model practice what you preach. For example, if you do not want children to eat or drink while they study, then don’t hover around with a cup of coffee. As parents have expectations, so do children.
  • Be consistent when it comes to rules. If you change them to suit yourself then young learners get confused.
  • Children need as much respect as adults. They grow up seeing how you treat them.

We provide useful tips to promote the right conduct in young learners and consistently maintain the same

Maintain the Positive Behavior

A child’s positive behavior importance is challenging and maintaining matters the most.

How can this be done Smoothly?

Motivation is the key. It is the single key driver to inculcate positive behavior. Just as the school bells chime and signal a change of period or class, the same can be done at home.

  • You can easily use a bell, soft tune, or use an innovative method. Any aural method will allow students to know when the monotony is broken and it brings a pleasant change.
  • There is no harm in children listening to music while they study. It will increase their concentration to perform better. They will not be distracted to do other things.
  • Keeping them busy is yet another way to maintain optimal behavior. Be mindful if they are trying to please you. A pat on the back makes them pleased about their efforts.
  • Become a champion for the kids or become their advocate in other areas too. It gives them the confidence to remain positive.

It is important for the home to be the ideal environment like the school campus. Don’t be afraid to move or stretch boundaries just like our teachers who continue to experiment and provide emotional support.

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