How to keep your Child Motivated to Study?

How to keep your child motivated to study

Is your child intelligent in studies but still gets bad grades?
Know which motivational factors are lacking

Parents often complain that their children do not perform well under stress despite being intelligent. Distracted children require timely motivation and not just being monitored all the time to get better grades. As part of important parenting skills, appropriate incentive is lacking and this creates a chasm in the academic performance of a brilliant student. Motivate your child to learn more and not necessarily through classroom studies.

Important Parenting Skills

The teaching staff at Siddhartha Public School tries to find different ways to motivate your child to study. As a parent you can pick up some gems to bring your child on track. Just to let out a secret… after the age of 7 years’ children are not naturally motivated. You need to support targeted learning to keep them attentive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lack of motivation stems from not understanding the child’s mindset
  • Expecting children to understand meaning of education at an early age
  • Not being digitally savvy to introduce concepts via educational apps

Don’t treat your Children Like Prisoners:

Being dictatorial will get you nowhere. Instead it will take away the determination and strength to study. Instead of forcing studies the way you want, let them find a way to learn. It will help to develop an easy way to keep children focused on the syllabus. Face the fact that children do not enjoy all subjects. Some are better in Maths and others in Biology or English. Find out their core interests and weaknesses. When a child gets lower grades ask what is lacking (interest or method of teaching)? Explain the importance of the subject in a stimulating manner. Invest in educational apps that help children to understand concepts better. It is one of the best ways to motivate your child to study. Change the perspective of learning to an open platform rather than a prison which forces discipline and leads to lack of attention.

Children and Parents have Different ideas Leading

Do you and the child relate to Learning Experience?

Due to the age gap, children and parents have different ideas leading to clashes. This is one reason why grades fall off as the child grows. Children are not expected to understand the burden of studies at their age. Don’t make them feel low by constantly reminding them of your sacrifice. To motivate your child to learn more, try to indulge in games that help to understand the subjects. Due to the pandemic new apps have been introduced in the market. They are designed to help children learn in an attractive manner. As digital platforms increase, the way to motivate children should change. Parents need to explain the meaning of education and how it will help them later in life. Age-appropriate ways to explain can be used to inspire them. Give them examples of how others have become big in life after studying. Any intelligent child will find inspiration in knowing more about their favorite sport stars, artists and musicians. The lives of such role models can encourage them to perform and get better grades.

Now that we have pointed out some factors, you can take the chance to help your child to be academically inclined.

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