Our School

Welcome to Siddhartha Public School

SPS’s Philosophy: SPS believes that learning cannot be a complex activity, if it’s channelized in a right manner. We bring in innovation as well as scientific approach in all aspects of schooling. The infrastructure / facilities play a vital role in a child’s learning experience. At SPS, one will find best-in-class infrastructure, highly skilled teachers, serene environment and a very friendly atmosphere.
It’s 4 acres campus with lush greenery and natural environment.
We let our students become independent learners, for lifelong, enabling them to acquire different skill sets and follow their passions.
At our school, we maintain a stimulating environment and it is child centered, under the perfect guidance of well experienced and qualified teachers. We are thankful to the parent community for their support in our journey.
Very confidently, we can claim that Siddhartha is the perfect school that any Parent can opt for his/her child.