What makes SPS distinctive

Siddhartha Public School

Welcome to Siddhartha Public School

The clean lush green campus with state of the art facilities forms an instant connect with the students and parents.

  • Student-centered with Talented, dedicated and experienced teachers with a passion for teaching as the connecting thread.
  • Proper attention to students with varied learning needs.
  • Well planned Co-Curricular, extracurricular activities bring out the best of each student.
  • Sports and performing visual activities form an integral part of the teaching-learning process.
  • Activity-based learning to ensure experiential learning.
  • Creativity, collaboration, commitment, innovation are the key attributes and teaching-learning process at SPS.
  • Upholding the Indian culture whilst fostering global citizenship.
  • Safe and secure physical and emotional environment amidst the lush green campus.
  • Upholding the social responsibility by becoming the solar-powered school
  • The clean and green campus is the hub of learning with lots of outdoor activities planned in the transaction of the curriculum.
  • Being accountable for the student’s well-being forms the core of the SPS culture.
  • Inclusive education with a special educator and a student counselor play a pivotal role to cater to the needs of students emotionally and academically.
  • Live Tracking of the buses and RFID cards for real-time attendance.
  • Availability of in house doctor and immediate medical aid.
  • SPS’s Philosophy: SPS believes that learning cannot be a complex activity if it’s channelized in the right manner. We bring in innovation as well as the scientific approach in all aspects of schooling. The infrastructure/facilities play a vital role in a child’s learning experience. At SPS, one will find best-in-class infrastructure, highly skilled teachers, a serene environment and a very friendly atmosphere.
  • It’s a 4 acres campus with lush greenery and a natural environment.
  • We let our students become independent learners, for lifelong, enabling them to acquire different skillsets and follow their passions.
  • At our school, we maintain a stimulating environment and it is child-centered, under the perfect guidance of well experienced and qualified teachers. We are thankful to the parent community for their support in our journey.
  • Very confidently, we can claim that Siddhartha is the perfect school that any Parent can opt for his/her child.