Adolescent Challenges for Students: Collaborating with Parents

When parents collaborate with their children during studies, the relationship is healthy. It is also the best way to know how successfully the child is growing up. Helping your child through early adolescence is an integral part of education. There is a big correlation between family involvement and children during study years.  

There is a big correlation between family

Spending over many years in the education sector, Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad recognizes the need for parents to help their children. Parental involvement in adolescents’ education impacts their future. We wish to highlight the challenges they can overcome with teenagers.

Tackling the Wonder Years Smoothly

After the age of ten most children are growing up faster and trying to understand their environment in school and at home. Most parents are unfortunately unprepared when it comes to handling physical and mental growth of their wards. To get through the crucial period of 10 years to 15 years becomes traumatic as some children also lose interest in studies. This is the time when children refuse to be ‘treated as children but as adults.’ The separation makes transformations that can be uncomplimentary for parents. If you feel suddenly your child is losing focus, is disorganized or secretive then these are signs of separation from childhood.  Studies are affected the most and need to be cared for in the best way. At this stage parental involvement in adolescents’ education is crucial.

After the age of ten most children are growing

What does it mean to Collaborate with Adolescents?

The early signs that ring true are when your child does not want you to pick up and drop to the school bus. Independence is most important for them. Many children feel embarrassed when their parents continue to treat them as ‘babies.’ But parents have to continue to take active charge of monitoring their wards. They still need to attend PTA meetings, school functions and events like sports day. This involvement will continue to keep the bond between the two alive. They can continue to be active by helping with homework duties and also by:

  • Having model behavior for the teens to respect and emulate.
  • Encourage kids to perform in various activities other than studies.
  • Monitor completion of homework.
  • Help them to be organized with study and make timetables.

As long as students are in school parents also need to:

  • Communicate with the teachers to check on the progress of the studies.
  • Taking challenges of troublesome teenagers.
  • Keep tabs on home-based and volunteer for school-based activities.

The grades and scores in studies

Research has shown that parents who handle their adolescent children are better off. The grades and scores in studies are better when children and parents are focused. Of course with online classes there are rare cases of children remaining absent. But they cannot be let off the hook as parents will need to monitor screen time. As students remain connected, they become better with social skills and behavior improves. Teenage years can be troublesome but can be managed with the right attitude by parents.

Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad considers parental interest in their wards is best with engagement during the learning years.        


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