Actions for COVID-19 Prevention and Control at Home for Kids

Actions for COVID-19 Prevention

Keeping children safe amid COVID-19: Staying home is most important.

Currently, there are very few serious cases of children under the age of 14 years being fatally affected by Coronavirus in India. Medical research reveals the pandemic is adversely distressing adult health across the world. Yet, it is important to keep alert for any Coronavirus symptoms in children. Moreover, they should be explained what the fuss is all about. Why should they stay at home and wash their hands frequently? Well, informed kids are likely to be less irritable and respond to restrictions favorably until the lockdown period is over.

Coronavirus Symptoms in Kids

Just to keep the post informative and at the same time clear to make children understand, a part of it is presented in the form of conversation of two kids. Hopefully, it should give parents ideas to explain coronavirus precautions for children and maintain good health.

In a living Room

Adi and Chirag aged 11 years and 12 years are playing. The phone rings and their mother tells them the father is back in India. But he is quarantined and no one can meet him for 2 weeks. The kids are disappointed and try to understand the situation.

  • Adi, I cannot meet dad. I am feeling sad. I was excited that he returned from Italy sooner. Mummy said, he is not allowed to meet anyone for 2 weeks.
  • Mummy mentioned that he has come from a place where everyone is ill. It is called the Coronavirus and it becomes difficult to breathe.
  • Chirag, dad is ill. I heard that all people coming in planes from abroad are being isolated.
  • What this Coronavirus is all about? Mummy, can you please explain? Why we cannot meet dad for 2 weeks”.

Mother: Coronavirus is an airborne infection that affects our lungs. It is like cold and cough but more deadly. There is no cure, hence, it is difficult for people to breathe. It has spread from people in Wuhan, a province in China. When we touch others by hugging or shaking hands the infection spreads. If a person is already infected and sneezes, it touches people in a radius of at least 4 meters. To stay safe and healthy we need to stay at home and practice 5 things to remain unaffected.

Coronavirus Precautions for Child

Coronavirus Precautions for Child
COVID-19 Prevention for Child

People across the world are still learning how to combat the virus. Medically, tests are being done to find a cure. Since, children are vulnerable it is best to keep them safe at home. As part of COVID-19 prevention for children, WHO (World Health Organization) has asked all schools to be shut. The virus is known to spread very fast across the world. As a major part of precautionary measures social distancing is important. Homes are the perfect sanctuary to avoid infection from spreading. Most children feel cooped up when not allowed to play outside. Feeling stressful is a red flag.

Symptoms that make a visit to the doctor compulsory.

  1. Shortness of breath, if the child has played outside the home.
  2. Cough or fever is a serious sign to visit the doctor.
  3. Vomiting and diarrhea show up in severe cases.

Family Times

As a parent explain the pandemic in a way your kid will understand. There is no fear and handle irritability and anger in a loving manner. You can create age-appropriate conversations to describe children why coronavirus is harmful. Keeping them informed will offer clarity and help them to remain strong mentally and physically.

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