Inspiring Short Stories of Teachers Changing Student Lives

It is said every kid needs a champion in their young lives and a teacher is that potential candidate to motivate. An educator knows how to create magic and kids love learning from someone whom they love! That is why all instructors are considered as the backbone of every school. It is heartening to recognize the best stories of teachers for students to follow a good path in life.

Best stories of Teachers for Students

Siddhartha Public School has a great hall of teaching faculty who inspire students in countless ways. This September which also celebrates Teacher’s Day and World Teacher’s Day, we focus on some great teacher stories for students. Maybe you’d admire a champion to look up to.

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’. –Plato

 Teachers: Great Educators and Human Beings

In 2017, the story of a 30-year-old young teacher from Pune, Maharashtra went viral for the right reasons. During monsoons, he would walk 25 kms to teach one child in a village school. The school was a mere hut and the student waited every morning for his beloved teacher. As the story went viral, people from nearby areas donated money so that the teacher could afford a bicycle to reach his one student- school.

The story of a 30-year-old young teacher from Pune

Yet, there is another story of a 40-year-old teacher in Bhopal. He is the peon and cook too for 150 pupils! His name is Pavan Mishra and is a one-man army who teaches in a small government school. Despite being handicapped by polio; he is an inspiration to students who wait for him in every class. Like all other educators he is the only one who takes care of all admin work, correction of papers, lesson preparations and serving of mid-day meals to children. Pavan Mishra is keeping the school alive under all odds.

Story of a 40-year-old teacher in Bhopal

Can anything be more inspiring than this?

When Children Become Good Human Beings

This is when one can say that a teacher has done the correct job. Students can look up to their favorite teachers for guidance and even career advice in later years. That is the power of the educator. Some of the great teachers’ stories for students come from our classrooms.

Favorite Teachers for Guidance

All of them do not give academic lessons. An inspirational story is not of a teacher who is wise beyond years. Look at Babar Ali who started teaching little ones when he was 9 years’ old. Today he is 21 and employs 6 other teachers in a makeshift school where 300 students are in awe of him. There is a special salute to Abdul Mallik from Malappuram district in Kerala. He swims everyday to work! That is the shortest way to reach his class on time as the bus takes nearly 3 hours to reach the school!

Siddhartha Public School believes that Teacher’s Day cannot be celebrated on a single day or month. The truth is they need to be celebrated each day as they give their guiding light to students in the most extraordinary circumstances.


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