Five Methods a Good Teacher can use to Educate Students

Methods a Good Teacher can use to Educate Students

5 Most creative methods a good teacher uses to Educate Students
Our teachers use a bonus 6th one for better results!

There is constant innovation and evolution of teaching and learning in education systems globally. Schools that adopt new methods contribute to a healthy flow of relationship between the faculty and students. Teachers need a few tricks to keep the classroom engaged with bright kids. Although there are many effective techniques, there are five essential best practices which are useful across high schools. And, this is exactly what makes Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad a holistic campus which promotes motivational activities for students. If this has piqued your curiosity, we reveal a few secrets that make our beloved teachers popular through younger generations.

Old Approach Vs New Methodology:

Each of the subjects require Enquiry and Analysis
Traditionally, study of subjects like history, mathematics and science keep changing. The three disciplines require creative methods of instructions. Each of the subjects require enquiry and analysis for a student to build a questioning mind. While these subjects dominate the intelligent quotient of the children, other subjects too require expert coaching. They are equally important to introduce motivational strategies for students on a systematic basis. In Siddhartha Public School, the pedagogical systems are not discarded but combined with new technology. So, parents find the blackboard still ruling, teachers providing instructions and children taking down notes. As the education system itself has metamorphosed, new elements create a genuine desire to learn and ask questions in classrooms and also outside it.
We engage 5 methods which are integrated to traditional ways. This is how teachers inspire students each academic year:
Five Methods a Good Teacher can use to Educate Students

The Learning Journey

When students ask questions beyond the fixed curriculum, a good teacher knows that the exercise is a success. There is no one way to coach a batch with different mindsets. Why we focus on history, math and science as precursors of evolving instructive systems? Each teacher has a perspective and new generations showcase skills of instructions. Do the interpretation of historical events matter? For example, 73 years after Indian Independence, what do new generations of students think of the Military Parade held in New Delhi? How a teacher makes it relevant to children who have never witnessed the struggle for independence is a challenge. If she makes them salute the National Flag, she earns the respect of the children. The learning curve is similarly extended by mathematical concepts and development in various science streams. Motivational activities for students are organized by science teachers for practical understanding. The well-structured labs allow children to experiment on various levels. And, teachers are there to inspire and overstretch their imagination.
Motivational activities for students are organized

Value of the Student-Centric Approach

Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad is easily recognized as an institution that lets the children blossom on their own. Although students’ minds are like ‘empty vessels’ they cannot be filled with only one viewpoint – of a fixed academic life. An enquiry-based system brings out the best.
And, the 6th technique we depend on to educate refers to debates and personal model of teaching. Personalized techniques help in forging the relationship between the teachers and each child.

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