Why do Parents need to Monitor Phone and Text Activities of Kids?

Monitoring your child's media use

Younger children and teenagers are one of the largest segments of smartphone users across the world. Yet, strangely only 39% of parents have any filter or controls to restrict activities of their kids. Technology is a powerful tool but can be a bad master too. Monitoring your child’s media use is mandatory today. It is more essential as they are constantly online and need to use common digital tools. Minding their activities is a thin line between giving them privacy and at the same time ensuring they are not going astray.

Minding kids activities

Siddhartha Public School has created this post to warn parents and also give crucial tips to monitor the child’s phone activities.

Ever since online classes have begun the use of smartphones among children under the age of 15 years have increased. The following statistics tell a new story and for some parents it could be ‘breaking news’.

  • Texting is most common between tweens today.
  • Nearly 70% of children are subjected to online and cyberbullying.
  • Online drug dealers are stalking kids in large numbers. Yes, it is a reality.
  • Even Snapchat and Instagram handles have stalkers of all sorts.
  • About 15% of kids receive inappropriate messages that disturb them mentally.
  • Some children avoid showing text messages and images to their parents.

Worried? Continue to Read

Both Android and iPhone users need to be alert to monitoring your child’s media use too frequently. Tell them to disconnect daily from the devices on priority basis. There is no time to get squeamish about checking what the kids do all day on the phone or remain glued to cyberspace. It is also your responsibility to take care.

Teach children to protect their personal information. It assists them to alert you if something is amiss

Tips to Remain Alert

  • Children continue to be friendly to almost everyone who comes their way. Of course they also attract bad apples amongst friends or adults who take keen interests in them other than their parents. Have the same moral code for your kids, whether you are bringing up girls and boys.
  • Teach children to protect their personal information. It assists them to alert you if something is amiss. It is important that you safeguard their reputation at all costs. Any wrong messages on social media pages can disturb their equilibrium for the rest of their lives.
  • Monitoring kids’ digital activities warn you about identity thefts that can create havoc. This happens due to credit card usage through apps used by mobile phones.
  • When children use the desktops malware and ransomware are potential threats to be alert about. The children may not be savvy enough but if a parent is around, the chances of being attacked reduces.

Monitoring kids’ digital activities lets you know about identity thefts that can create havoc later

As a parent you should know that the internet is a ‘city with no police.’ You need to do the policing yourself and help kids to have a normal life.

Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad cares about each child associated with the institution. Along with parental control and care, we feel responsible to sound the alert before letting loose the kids and their imagination. Let’s all hold hands to secure our children’s peace of mind.

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