How to Overcome Physical Health Problems faced by Students In Online Classes

Physical health problems

Practical tips to overcome health issues with e-learning
Students can continue to have positive online sessions

As the era of online classes have begun, children are feeling the impact on their health due to increased screen time. If your child is complaining of fatigue, stress, headaches, eye strain then it is time to focus on some practical tips to overcome health issues with e-learning. Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad is constantly evolving with the new era. It is now time to help students to be aware of risks and continue to have positive outcomes with daily online classes. We do care about the students’ health problems in online classes.

As we embrace disruption in schooling, we also present tips to overcome health issues from online classes. Read on to know how to remain physically and mentally safe.

Does the child show the below symptoms?

  • Constant headaches and sleep cycles being affected
  • Red and strained eyes Muscle and joint pains
  • Avoiding online class attendance
  • Lack of motivation and anxiousness
  • Feeling isolated and minimum socialization
  • Lack of communication and uneasiness

The issues can affect the teachers as well and it is important to recognize the signs, be aware and bring closure to potential risks.

Eye strain is Very Common

Many parents are already bothered with the mobile screen time children spend on smartphones and video games. In addition to this online classes have added to the strain on the eyes. Sometimes the classes go on for longer and physical problems like headaches and fever show up for some students. The Ministry of Human Resources has taken cognizance of it and wants online class time to be reduced for pre-primary and high school students. Instead of 1 hour sessions 45 minutes per period is seen as ideal to reduce the strain. This is only one way to overcome health issues from online classes. If there is redness in the eyes, they can be washed frequently. If the eyes are red for long, visit an optician. For children blue light filtering lenses or anti-fatigue lenses are being prescribed.

Sometimes the online classes

Extreme Cases of Health Issues

While the above are common to almost all children a few sensitive ones may show a different strain. They may get nervous and nail biting may increase. In some cases, isolation is leading to depression. Smaller children are resorting to thumb sucking at night and even hair pulling. All these are leading to adverse impact and disturbed sleep patterns. However, Siddhartha Public School management is equally concerned in helping parents to address these concerns.

Tips to overcome physical and mental issues

  • Reducing the dependency on reading via computers.
  • Having proper sleep. Let computers and laptops be shut at least two hours before sleep time.
  • Avoid using very bright designs for any e-learning programs to reduce eye strain.
  • If students do not meet homework deadlines, give them time.
  • If the younger children are cranky and restless, let them play outdoors.
  • Have 15 minutes break between sessions so that the minds can be refreshed.

Tips to overcome physical and mental issues

These are just some practical tips to reduce risks for students’ health problems in online classes. As a parent if you identify any of the symptoms listed above measures should be taken promptly. Adopting these tips will certainly have a positive impact despite the issues being faced by studying through online classes.

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