The Importance of Teaching Social and Emotional Skills for School Students

Why does the future of schools depend on social and emotional skills (SEL) for students?

“Only children believe they are capable of everything.”
– Paulo Coelho, Author

Yet, there is another inspiring saying, “A child has an inner timetable for growth – a pattern unique to him/her. Growth is not steady, forward upward progression. Instead, it is a switchback trail. 3 steps forward 2 steps backward and one around the bushes. A few are simply standing before another a forward leap.”

When Dorothy Corkville Briggs said this, it was a pure reflection of the times we underwent in the age of innocence as children. It also puts the spotlight on imparting social-emotional skills in early childhood.

How do schools contribute to SEL so that a child’s memory bank remains rich with reminiscences of these years?

Teaching Social Skills in the Classroom

Understanding Social and Emotional Skills:

It is defined as a process in which the children and adults are able to apply knowledge and various skills to understand and manage emotions with each other. Children learn about being compassionate and caring to others in their environment. It eventually helps them to make rational decisions independently. Teachers are correspondingly required to contribute to it when they deal with students of various mindsets in the classroom.

What SEL Accomplishes?

When children develop a passion to learn they never cease to grow lifelong. And when they know better, they do better. Nothing can be poorer than a child neglected and left with a smartphone or a video game to play. Some management appreciates the importance of imparting social and emotional skills in classrooms. It has become all the more necessary due to the digital world they live in.

Children have to develop connections early in life to have healthy relationships. Such a system has a direct effect on the child and increases the ability to deal with others. The future of a school is also dependent on how they can take SEL to the next level.

Inside the Campus it Supports:

5 Key Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills to develop in the classroom

A Holistic Approach:

Children do believe they can become pilots, astronauts, accomplished dancers or anything they desire when they express themselves emotionally. It is this age of innocence that makes them express themselves and speak out their dreams. A child is capable of becoming emotionally stable with SEL techniques adopted by the school. Currently, schools that have an integrated approach that involves empathy in classrooms represent the future. They are ideal to keep children away from the excesses of the digital world that harm them physically and mentally.

CBSE schools in Hyderabad that implement such practices have better-performing students when they complete studies after the 10th standard. They are equipped with social and emotional skills to enter college life with a holistic mindset.

Don’t you think this is a more effective way to Improve the Report card of the Child?

Siddhartha Public School is one of the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad that allows children to flower in the classrooms. The teachers recognize the need to include social and emotional skills to their methods. This admission season, come and check out how your children can benefit in the most holistic manner.

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