Safe Transport System with a GPS facility

GPS Tracking mandatory in school buses

GPS Tracking mandatory in school buses:  Safe transportation system important for children

School Bus GPS Tracking System

Times have changed and technology is necessary to ensure the safety of children when they travel to school. This is a very important feature that makes Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad noteworthy when parents come for admission of their wards. GPS tracking is mandatory and no complaints have come so far in relation to the safety of children being dropped to school/homes.

Which rules should be followed by bus drivers to give peace of mind to parents when they rely on school transportation?

GPS Tracking:

Unorganized traffic in the city often is one of the reasons why parents prefer to drop and pick up children from school. Keeping in line with its policies to give the best to the students, the Siddhartha Public School recognizes the need for a safe transport system with GPS facility. The importance of school bus transportation cannot be denied and GPS tracking is equally critical to services provided to students.

Benefits of this System Include:

  • A well-mapped route the bus can take to avoid traffic. This also allows bus drivers not to over speed in a bid to reach the school on time and jeopardize student safety.
  • When a parent wishes to know the time when the child will be dropped home, the authorities can give the estimated time of arrival.
  • A driver’s skills can also be monitored. His track record is measured by the routes he uses, mileage and fuel usage.

School Buses and Safety Tips:

School Bus Safety Tips for Students

While the school authorities take the utmost care to ensure that the transport system for children is optimized, even the children should be able to look after themselves. When the children are on the bus, they are usually unmonitored. It gives a gap to senior students to bully the younger ones.

  • Bus drivers should look out for signs to alert the administration or the parents.
  • Extra attention is paid to students with disabilities and ensured that the driver helps the child to reach school and home safely.
  • During the monsoons, students should wear their raincoats and sit on the bus rather than looking out of the window and endangering themselves.
  • Bus drivers should also avoid using a cell phone while driving.

These are just some of the points of school bus safety tips for students who use this transportation daily. In Telangana, every school bus has to display the name of the school, contact an address. As part of the safety regulations, drivers with more than 5 years’ experience are hired by the school and wear a uniform on duty. The rules also ask emergency exits to be present on the bus.

School Bus Safety Rules:

  • The Supreme Court of India has ordered all schools to have ‘School Bus’ written on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Horizontal grills on each window are mandatory for the safety of children.
  • A first aid box and fire extinguisher are fixtures in every vehicle carrying the kids.
  • A school bus will be recognized by the bright yellow color on the bus body.

The CBSE school guidelines are in force by Siddhartha Public School. In 2020, it will become mandatory to have a GPS system, CCTV surveillance and speed governors on each school bus.

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