Role of the School Management in Protecting your Child’s Health

Being healthy in school is a right for each child: How management copes up to protect.

When a child is educated, he/she has lesser health risks due to awareness of cleanliness. Well informed parents are a huge precursor to protect their kids. They choose schools that offer the best facilities to stay healthy. A child’s health in school also depends on the policies of the school management. The environment in the Siddhartha Public School in Hyderabad stresses on the wellness aspect in several ways.

 Child's Health in school also depends on the policies of the School Management

This blog puts direct emphasis on health and education for better immunity of children and the community in general. It also shows how the school provides the ideal environment that challenges risks to children.

Focus on Respiratory Health

There are several climate changes that make airborne diseases and infections common in children. Large campuses make them vulnerable to respiratory troubles with dust and mud. There are three factors that are important for any school for a child’s health caring facilities.

Child’s Health Caring Facilities in School

The Siddhartha Public School is the best school for child’s health in Hyderabad. The school management ensures compliance of all three factors daily. For example, the support staff confirms the cleanliness of classrooms on a regular basis. Before children return to their classes the next day the premises are spic and span. Many diseases and infections are spread in washrooms as they are used often. As part of hygiene, the toilets are kept tidy as each child’s health is important. Clean, filtered drinking water is provided for students and teachers. Improving the child’s health in school by these methods gives the parents a peace of mind.

Siddhartha Public School Ensures that Each Child is safe in School

Physical safety of children is equally important. All electrical wires and dangerous materials are kept out of their reach. Even the use of scissors is done under supervision of teachers so no one is hurt. All supplies used in classes, labs, games and toys meet with the safety standards. Cleaning resources are locked in cupboards and away from younger children. Teachers are sensitized to focus on safety and cleanliness indoors and outdoors. The school has a well equipped first aid department.

First-Aid Department

As per Guidelines the School has:

  1. First aid box. It is also present in the bus
  2. A doctor is called in case a child has a major injury
  3. If there is any large health with the child, isolation beds are provided
  4. The parents are informed immediately about the situation

It is also the duty of parents to support the school management in cleanliness. They can continue to take precautionary measures at home focusing on mental and physical issues that may confront a child. As an extended family, it is good if parents take a keen interest in nutrition and diet of the child. What students eats is equally important to make them healthy adults.

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