How to keep your Child Safe while Learning Online?

How to keep your child safe while learning online

Reduce online vulnerability for children with awareness.

Out of boredom children spend a long time on the internet. It has become important to exercise caution as they are vulnerable to online threats. Being alert is imperative for parents and elders. Internet safety tips for parents ensure children go online with a better degree of awareness.

Internet safety tips for parents ensure children go online

As a parent you must know about the increasing dangers of online activity. This blog is intended to create a better technology platform experience and highlights internet safety for children.

Be Aware Yourself

Learn more about safe browsing for yourself and children Unless you are able to spend time online safely, it will not be possible to protect the kids.

Important as ideal Internet Safety tips for Parents

The following points are important as ideal internet safety tips for parents.

  1. Learn about safe searches and browsing on various websites.
  2. Have a secure account (email) to communicate.
  3. If you spend time on social media keep Instagram/FB/Twitter private.
  4. General emails are exposed to online scams. Keep an eye for suspicious content that arrives and avoid clicking attachments.
  5. Know if the computer is infected and keep it updated with virus control.

Limit Time Online for Children

Unless you have control on your internet habits, the same will be difficult to be inculcated in the children. They get addicted to video games and online chats.

Unless you have control on your internet habits, the same will be difficult to be inculcated in the children

This is where the maximum danger lurks. They should not use the computer after 9 pm or any time that you set before sleeping. Explain clearly the parameters for navigating various websites. It would be wise also to check their online activity once in a while. Teach them to use social media platforms carefully. Talk openly and make them understand and answer their queries. Have an open chat as internet safety for children is critical now.

  1. Talk to them about the sites they visit and why. Curtail some online activities if they are not appropriate for the age. If the child says other parents allow their children, explain why in your family this is not allowed. He/she is always receptive when a clear explanation is provided. It will ensure they will be careful when they have access to the internet outside the house, later.
  2. Teach about the online reputation. Often abuse and ragging is common and it affects teenagers socially and emotionally. They get embarrassed and in severe cases depression is common.
  3. If one single computer is used in the house, ensure it is in the living room. If you are unable to check, someone else is there to keep a close watch on the cyber activity.
  4. If you also use the same device, keep safe search on. Children should not have access to your search history. They may do it innocently and it could create problems.
  5. Are you aware of the online friends your children have? Just as you would not want them to speak to strangers, remote friendships should be carefully monitored.

The above tips will allow peace of mind and avoid friction during family time during lockdown.

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