How to Help Students Balancing Studies and Extracurricular Activities

Students Balance Studies

Ditch the all rounder: Try to achieve a balance between studies and extracurricular activities

There is enough being said about work-life balance for people who work. The same is also required for students who spend a major part of their lives studying and getting grades to remain on top. There is no need for parents to make their children all-rounders. Putting pressure will not achieve the desired results. Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad has always encouraged parents to maintain a healthy relationship between grades and extracurricular activities. We try to give tips for students to manage academics without the stress factor.

Always Encouraged Parents

This blog highlights some ways to balance grades with extracurricular activities.

Ways for students to balance Studies and Activities

It is the parental responsibility to ensure that children do not mired in the race to achieve top grades. To eliminate pressure, it is good to add extra curricular activities. It keeps the mental and physical stability.

  1. Just as there is a time table for studies, the same should be there for extra curricular activities.
  2. Keep a healthy space for dancing, hobbies, music or even play time so they do not exert themselves. The consistency will help them to develop the right attitude for studies.
  3. Let kids decide which activities are suitable to them, so they do what they love and not what you love as a parent. Give reminders to play and let each child be serious about the time being spent besides studies.
  4. Parents should encourage children to take some risks in activities in which they are not confident. It will motivate them to learn and become strong. For example, several children falter when they are bicycling. Parents can be a source of encouragement.

Academics come First, Really?

If students study regularly the whole year round, then they need not cram when it is time for exams. This is one sensible way to balance grades with extracurricular activities. For the junior classes it is not so important to focus hard on academics. Those studying in 9th and 10th classes have to be more careful. They need to think about college education and also have time to do other activities. As the student grows older and understands the need to focus on studies, they will also know how much attention is required for other activities. Making a schedule is important so that they follow a standard pattern with discipline.

Student Grows Older and Understands

Managing Activities

There is no need to join every NGO, club or organization or dance academy. Once the child gets older it is best to be picky and choosy about the extracurricular activities. By the time they are in the 10th class they know which activities interest them more. It will also help them to balance the time between studies and other classes. Overdoing anything will land up confusing the kids and kill the fun element. They will not be able to perform well in either academics or extracurricular activities. For example, too much video games will strain the eyes. Every activity after studies should be away from the computer. Hence, each activity should be carefully chosen for the child.

Siddhartha Public School motivates all the students to have a healthy lifestyle beyond the e-campus life. Our thoughts are always geared to motivate our future adults.

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