Dr.  Vinayashree.C, D.LIT (USA), M.Sc, B.Ed Doctorate in Special Education
As the website unfolds many facts about SPS, Quality education for each student forms the crux of SPS motto. The guarded and caring environment sums up the ethos and commitment to nurture the potential of each child. The lush green campus adds to the serenity of the school atmosphere making it more conducive for happy learning. At SPS every effort to instil a sense of “ Can Do” attitude in each child.

It is imperative for us to understand the competitive education and the development of each student in that process we also resonate with the ideology of ‘Jiddu Krishna Murthy’ “Right education should help the students not only develop his/her capacities but to understand his own highest interest”. We facilitate to awaken the intellect keeping in touch with the roots. Every festival is celebrated with fervour which culminates into bringing in a sense of pride for our culture and nation.

We, as a team are motivated enough to give the best exposure to our learners and inculcate a spirit of globalization. Team work is the hall mark of SPS and the collaborative effort reflects in our work flavour. In our constant endeavour to impart joyful learning we focus on the education which enables the student is to connect to the world through active engagement and enhanced over all development.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education” reverberating with the thought of Aristotle, we lay stress on inculcating strong ethical values in our students by making them strong in character to face all the challenges with uprightness.

Dr. Vinayashree.C, D.LIT (USA), M.Sc, B.Ed
Doctorate in Special Education
Modern Montessori International (London)