Why is a Growth Mindset Important for Learning?

Begin a shiny, new academic year in school with a growth mindset: What a teacher can do for students!

Did you know that Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad is one of the few educational institutions in the city which strongly believes in the growth mindset for students? How is it achieved? Well, the teachers lead the way forward with their experience and knowledge.

For years together, the new academic year begins with including novel ideas to make each student a classic, independent thinker. Learning strategies is just one area which is utilized. The rest are explained through this informative blog post.

Growth Mindset for Students

Start it right! Each year, Every year:

Why would a child love to be back to school daily and for the next ten years in the same environment? The answer lies in the teachers who add new methods to coaching. The need for growth mindsets in classrooms is critical for learners and instructors. It benefits both in the 5 ways listed here.

Practising the Fundamentals of Growth Mindsets Regularly

Growth Mindset for High School Students:

As children move from one grade to the other, thinking patterns change. It is an important part of imparting education. It helps students to believe what they can do and change their lives. Helping them develop their talent is a part of the growth mindset technique. It allows one to think from another perspective. Positive results are achieved with this thought process. When a talent is practiced regularly, it increases neural development in the child. For any educational institute this is a significant step to note for learners as they move towards higher studies. To understand the unique case of growth mindset, it is also essential to appreciate its opposite – the fixed mindset. The chief difference between the two lies in the qualities that the former technique offers. A classroom is the ideal lab where applications for growth are nurtured. It also hones the intelligence, brainpower, personality and communication skills.

Positive Results are Achieved with this Thought Process

How do Teachers Develop Learning Strategies?

Often a teacher praises a student in front of the others in class. It is motivational and makes the child perform better. Here, the strategy is to praise the hard work not only the ‘intelligence’. This is because it will not affect others in the class. They will also work hard and not worry about becoming ‘intelligent’. If a teacher praises ‘intelligence’ she is focusing on the ‘fixed mindset’. While rooting for hard work she is encouraging the ‘growth mindset.’

Teacher’s Behavior Affects a Child:

When a child is engaged through a fixed mindset, there is a primal fear of being unintelligent. It leads to mental challenges for teenagers. These eventually result in performance anxiety, depression or aggressive behavior towards others. As teachers put more effort in the growth mindset, they help students to overcome physical and mental challenges. Children need to enjoy academic success with the help of their instructors. The idea behind is to have a purposeful method for all peers to relate to lessons being taught, reviews and revisions without being boring.

Siddhartha Public School works through the trainers and students to achieve goals for various learning strategies. This way each year, every year we welcome students back to the campus.

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