ANVESH Social Exhibition 20-21

On the 13th of Sep 2020, “Anvesh” the long awaited Social Science Exhibition was declared open by the principal Mrs. Anuradha Murthy. The inherent talents and the skills of the students from grade VI to X found awesome platform to display their working models, projects, 3-D models and Virtual tours. It’s evident from the very presentation that there was enormous effort taken by the students and social teachers which rightly deserves to be titled “Anvesh”. The spectacular attractions of the Social Exhibition started with the virtual tour to Mughal era, Indian Museums, the world Museums and Egyptians civilization emphasizing on the role of river Nile. The next virtual presentation continued on rare ocean facts, model on Indo-China war, models on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, model on globalization of the industries, rope bridge model, models on smart villages and smart cities and finally the model on Red fort, the historical monument stood as the highlights. Appreciation to all the participants for your efforts and setting an inspiration for peers with your incredible work.

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    ANVESH Social Exhibition 20-21 | siddhartha public schools

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