About Us

Siddhartha Public School

With a legacy of established trust and quality in education for over two and half decades, Siddhartha Public School promises a healthy and happy learning environment that assures a cherishable schooling experience for your child.

We believe that schooling is far beyond imparting knowledge. We emphasize equally on contributing to evolve a more socially responsible generation of citizens in India at the same time equipping them with skills and knowledge to take on the ever dynamic and competitive world.

One of the most significant moments in a parent’s life is finding the perfect school for a child. Not just a good school; not just a school that blends compassion with discipline; not just a school that has a high standard of academics and an extraordinary display of extracurricular activities; not just a school with all the facilities a child’s heart could desire and one that a parent feels a sense of satisfaction about every morning the child leaves, but a perfect school.

Early Childhood Education at Siddhartha, a perfect beginning for your little one!

One that puts the child first, and always. A school that believes that an educational institution is one where an individual is shaped for all time. Siddhartha Public School not only appreciates that sentiment, but also undertakes the awesome responsibility it represents. You can see that from the school motto itself.